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Frequently Asked Questions

     Q) How do we get there????

On this page are maps and directions for travel by car, train, or airlines to the Forget-Me-Not Lodge and Aurora-Express. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call.


Click on the maps above to see them expanded and magnified. The maps represent Alaska, the Fairbanks area, and location of the Forget-Me-Not Lodge.


Travel by Car:

From Anchorage: Take Hwy. 1 (Glenn Highway) 30 miles north to Hwy. 3 (Parks Highway). It is 358 miles to Fairbanks.

From Denali Park: It is 120 miles from the entrance of Denali Park to Fairbanks on Hwy 3 (Parks Highway).

From Tok: On Hwy 2 (Richardson Highway), it is 206 miles to Fairbanks.

In Fairbanks: On the Parks Highway, get off on the Geist Road exit. Turn left after the service station onto Chena Pump Road. Stay on Chena Pump Road - past the Pump House Restaurant on the left - till it becomes Chena Ridge Road. The Forget-Me-Not Lodge is on 1540 Chena Ridge Road (See the map on the right above).

Travel by Train:

The Alaska Railroad has scheduled trains to Fairbanks.

Travel by Air:

Fairbanks International Airport has direct flights from Anchorage on four airlines. Visit Alaska Airlines.


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