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Guest Comments


Our guests have had much to say about their stay at the Forget-Me-Not Lodge and the Aurora-Express. Here is a sample of some of their comments in our guest books:
“We came for one night and stayed for four. Out of all the places in the world this is the top three!”
Mike & Linda
Killingsworth, CT
The next best thing to the 'Orient Express'
Mike and Jan
Sinsbury, CT
The photographer Mark Turner - of Turner Photographics - stayed at the Forget-Me-Not Lodge and Aurora-Express as part of his "Alaska Roadtrip Adventure" (Read about his stay on the Aurora-Express in the sections Day 7 and Day 8).

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“The best of all worlds, fantastic breakfast and floor show. A unique place, great attention to detail”
Jim H.
Aurora Company
If this were on water I would swear it was a cruise
Albany, TX
“The Caboose is so unique, funky, sexy and fun, your food is terrific! Most memorable family”
Anita & David
“Best Breakfast in Alaska, terrific hospitality and charming decor. To stay in a train is splendid”
“Everything was fantastic and your people are wonderful. Breakfast was unbelievably good, your view was breath taking, but the train was the highlight of it all”
Corbin & Dorothy
Plymouth, IN

Yes, there is a reason that the season for the Aurora-Express does not include the winter months

“We won't forget the most colorful and amusing B&B we ever stayed in ”
Susan & J.S.
Delray Beach, FL
“Imagine sleeping in a caboose! A delightful experience!”
James & Monica
San Diego, California
“Aurora Express- The Disneyland of the North”
Jim & Janet
Eugene, OR
The BEST of Alaska!
Sharon & Ron
Danvers, MA
You made our working vacation fun!
Chuck and Sue
Tucson, AZ
“Smoothest train ride yet!”
Molly & Marty
Longwood, FL
“Your place is a feast for the eyes and a feast for the stomach!”
Mimi & Jean
Portland, OR
Quite possibly the eighth wonder of the world!"

Alan & Margo
New Britain, CT

“**** Wonderful! A dream come true!”
Chuck and Alice
Seattle, Washington
RR cars are a work of art
Monica & John
“A big slice of Heaven.”
Earne & Edith
Deerfield, IL
“Please adopt me.”
Tocoma, WA
“I'm in love with Nancy and Susan”
Teddy Bear


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